Research and Education

There is a need for more evidence behind the application of non-conventional or integrative therapies in patients.  While research in this field is increasing, there is still much more that needs to be done.  One of the challenges in researching many of the traditional or natural therapies used in non-conventional approaches to health care is that there is a lack of commercial interest in them.  This means that most research conducted in this field is done so using grants compared to large pharmacological corporations.  Additional challenges is most research is conducted using reductionist approaches which, while providing better controlled results, do not represent the way integrative therapies utilize holistic principles.

At the Marsden Centre we strive to add to the knowledge behind many of the therapies we use through case reports, literature review and clinical studies.

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Professionals at the Marsden Centre are also dedicated to providing excellent continuing medical education for professionals.  The centre is a facility dedicated to naturopathic infusion therapy, integrative oncology and environmental medicine.  We offer a post graduate residency affiliated with the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine along with courses focusing on our fields of expertise to the practicing professional.

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