Research At Marsden Centre

The Marsden Centre is committed to adding to the knowledge of how integrative or non-conventional approaches to patient care may impact patient outcomes.  Learn about how Marsden Centre is advancing integrative medicine below:

Active Studies At Marsden Centre

In order to advance the knowledge base of integrative treatment approaches to health and disease Marsden Centre engages in both primary research (clinical trials and observation) and research reviews.  In this section learn about current research projects ongoing at Marsden Centre.  

Published or Presented Research

We are proud to be involved in the presentation and publication on several important integrative medicine topics. It is rare that a health centre not directly connected with an educational institution is able to complete clinical and/or scientific research.  This has been made possible through the excellent work of our clinic doctors, most notably our clinic residents. 

Evidence Review of Integrative Treatments

At Marsden Centre we strive to use the latest evidence to guide our therapeutic approach.  In this section we have created  interactive presentations on some of the evidence behind therapies/therapeutic approaches used at Marsden Centre.