The Marsden Centre For Excellence In Integrative Medicine is a 6,000 square foot state of the art facility located in Vaughan.  We believe in providing care in a healthy environment.  Check out our dedication to a healthy space in the section below. The centre space is fully accessible and includes an integrative medicine clinic containing:

  • consult and examinations rooms
  • infusion therapy suite
  • in house lab
  • hyperthermia treatment suite
  • educational rooms


 The centre is also home to BMS Resources, a professional dispensary service specializing in professional line supplements,  environmental products (water filters, air purifiers, etc.), luxury teas, bulk botanicals, and more.

Our Dedication To A Healthy Environment

We understand that many individuals suffering from chronic disease are sensitive to a variety of environmental factors.  We also understand the importance of environment in the maintenance of health and the development of disease. Here are some of the steps we have taken to ensure a healthy environment for patients adn staff at our centre

Air Quality
  • We have used zero VOC materials in the construction and furnishing of our offices.  This means flooring with zero VOC sealants, paints that are zero VOC and furniture constructed wtihout the use of formaldehyde or other VOCs
  • We utilize air filtration throughout our facilities that are capable of filtering extremely small particles like viruses and VOCs
  • We utilize site anti-septics that meet strict infection control guidelines and are both safe for the environment and for staff

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Water Quality
  • We use reverse osmosis filtration for all drinking water

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Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

While a very controversial topic, the potential impact of electromagnetic fields on health has a growing basis for concern.  Many studies have implicated potential health hazards for wireless technologies, powereful electrical and magnetic fields.  We have taken a precautionary approach at our centre which includes:

  • hardwiring our networks.  There are no wifi networks in our facility.
  • shielding our space through the use of shielding paints, window glazes, etc. to minmize the exposure from adjacent businesses
  • asking patients to turn off their wireless devices when entering our space

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