Referrals To Marsden Centre

The Marsden Centre welcomes referrals of patients. Professionals can offer referral to the clinic generally, or to one of our naturopathic doctors on staff.

To view a list of naturopathic professionals working at the Marsden Centre click here.

To assist in making a rapid patient referral to our office we have convenient referral forms.  Completed forms along with supporting documentation where needed can be submitted by fax to (905) 508-4827 or by email at

After a referral is received it will be reviewed by a clinic resident.  The referring provider will be contacted if further information is required and then the patient will be booked for their first consult.  Doctors at the Marsden Centre will correspond with the referring provider to ensure they are aware of the recommendations made for the patient and what follow up care is required.

If you have further questions regarding referrals to our office please contact us.