Vision and Values

To revolutionize Naturopathic Medicine by creating a centre of excellence in the delivery of natural healthcare services, selling of natural health products, and provision of natural health education to influence standards for practice for healthcare professionals.

To be an agent of positive change in the world by supporting the health of individuals with the provision of naturopathic healthcare and natural medicines; and empower health professionals and the public through education.

We are an organization that is fundamentally focused on the reduction of suffering in the individual, community and world. We believe deeply in the tenets of naturopathic medicine and treating the ultimate causes of disease and promoting the ultimate sources of health. We act with integrity in all that we do and we will only work with partners that do the same.

A Note from Dr. Eric Marsden ND:

 The rates of serious chronic illness are on the rise and their impact on society is broadening. The consequences of modern industrialization on health are well documented and are a growing concern. Conventional approaches to dealing with illness often miss its root cause including lifestyle and dietary factors and environmental toxin accumulation. This is especially true post modern industrialization, our present day. Something radical needs to be done.

The Marsden Centre For Excellence In Integrative Medicine is dedicated to providing an integrated solution to the rising rates of serious chronic illnesses. As a post-industrial society, Canada is beginning to experience the consequences from our industrial periods. Conventional approaches often miss the root cause including lifestyle and dietary factors and environmental toxin accumulation.

The logo for the the Marsden Centre is a symbolic representation of a lotus flower that is known for its natural purification qualities. The Marsden Centre goal is to mirror the lotus flower and strives to assist patients to achieve optimal health and wellness in the midst of an ever increasing “mucky” world.

The Marsden Centre is dedicated to provide the highest quality of healthcare in the areas of Integrative Oncology, Environmental Medicine and General Family Practice. The centre of excellence concept encompasses all aspects of how we deliver naturopathic and holistic care. The centre focuses on:

  • Providing the most advanced and effective natural therapies validated by clinical research or tradition/historical use.
  • Providing the highest quality of patient service including patient administration and education.
  • Influencing and educating professionals and industry stakeholders in the field of natural medicine through research review and analysis.

Our physician’s employ standard diagnostic testing in combination with advanced patient assessment tools to better understand each individual’s unique health status. This is critical to ensure we can provide effective and advanced natural therapies aimed at supporting the patient and eliminating disease.

The Marsden Centre was founded by Eric Marsden, recognized as an expert and leader in naturopathic approaches to cancer care. Other practitioner’s in the clinic have been trained and mentored by Dr. Marsden and completed the the Marsden Centre residency program (accredited by the Council For Naturopathic Medical Education through affiliation with the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine).